How to Choose the Right Niche for a High Priced Product Funnel, Part IV

You can go to really any search engine – I’m going to apply Google for example truely due to the fact they do the bulk of pay according to click advertising. But we are going to use each pay in step with click on (which might be the backed hyperlinks across the top and to the side of the hunt web page) and we are additionally going to apply the organic search results which are all of the way down clickfunnels special offer.

The first factor that we’re going to do is look up your area of interest, and you can need to look up a number of distinctive key phrases, however have a look at your area of interest and find out if human beings are advertising in pay according to click.

You want to find out if greater than say 5-7, or preferably greater than 10 distinctive companies are advertising and marketing something the usage of pay in line with click. If there is only 2-3 advertisers then it sincerely would not inform you very an awful lot. It doesn’t necessarily let you know that it is a horrific niche, however what it can tell you is that there’s not a great deal competition and that could be exact for you if call for is robust sufficient. Generally, although, if call for is powerful enough there may be more than 2-4 competition.

So in maximum niches which are robust, you will see as a minimum 10 competitors which might be paying to get their advert on Google pay consistent with click on.

The subsequent issue that you could do is truly click on thru some of those commercials and discover what people are promoting. Are they promoting one product and there may be no back end to it? Or while you visit their internet site do you note that in addition they have a $500 product and additionally they have a $2,000 or $five,000 or $10,000 product? Do they’ve other products besides that initial product?

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